Srdan Mahmutovic

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CEO and Founder of Platformax

Who is Srdan Mahmutovic?

My name is Srdan and I’m a CEO and Founder of Platformax, an effective sales management and prospecting platform for SMBs. I’m a manager, innovator, gaming “geek” and sales freak.

Can You Tell us the Story of Your Business?

Platformax was not a planned thing to happen, but it just happened organically. With our team running a full-service digital web agency with few 1.000 of clients we needed a solution to run and support the elementary company processes – sales, support, sales development, order fulfilment and administration. Instead of using 6 different solutions with expensive integrations we decided to develop a platform of our own.

That is how Platformax was born.

Now it is a fully configurable platform that can support sales, sales development, support, account management process, order fulfilment in almost any kind of business. Today being used in companies coming from all kind of industries from 15 countries is on the way to become a successful international spin-off business. We are now at the point where we are collecting tons of feedback from our users and using that to make the user-flows smoother and the solution adoption easier.

What Has Been Your Biggest Struggle?

I see failure as something good on my business and personal path. There is no better way to learn and improve then to learn from your failures and mistakes. When looking at struggles there is one present all the time. When my consciousness and expenses tell me to be rational and consider stoping the Platformax project, cutting down costs as the project is still not profitable, on the other side my heart and passion tell me to continue. Also looking at the team of people I’m luckily surrounded with and feeling their passion and commitment makes my struggle easier.

What Has Been Your Greatest Achievement?

My personal achievement is my family, with two incredible sons. My business achievement is that together with my team I always wanted to develop a product for the international market that would help other businesses grow. Platformax is exactly that kind of product and I believe we are on a great way to make it even better.

What’s Your Must-Read Business Book?

For me, it is Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler.

Who’s Your Most Inspirational Person?

There are many, but as cliche, as it may sound the most inspirational is Steve Jobs.

Finally, Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself?

When I was a kid I was a national archery champion 🙂 And I’m a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan. We even developed an online sales audit tool to help companies find and eliminate gaps in their sales process. I named it Sales Jedi 🙂

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