Mike Slaats

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Founder of Upvoty

Who Are You?

My name is Mike. I’m from the Netherlands and I am the founder of user feedback tool Upvoty. It’s a SaaS solution for mainly b2b software companies to collect and manage user feedback in the most efficient way.

What’s the Story of Your Business?

The idea for Upvoty came from the needs within my previous business where we needed a way to collect and manage feedback in a better way. Up to that point, we tracked user feedback in our project management tools, but this wasn’t efficient. We wanted a way to work with our users on improving the product.

When I did some research on existing tools, I found they were either too expensive or not that user friendly. That’s when we decided to work on Upvoty.

After 1.5 years we saw the potential after validating the idea, we sold the business we were currently working on and started to focus even more on building and scaling Upvoty.

What Has Been Your Biggest Struggle?

All of our growth came from organic marketing. We are now in the process of scaling or marketing with paid campaigns. It’s a bit of a struggle since we’re in a highly competitive market and it’s a bit tricky to reach our ideal customer profiles in a cost-efficient way.

What Has Been Your Greatest Achievement?

I think we can be proud of the fact that, within 1 year, we managed to come up with the idea, created a prototype for it, validated it, and grew to $3,000 MRR.

Where Do You See Yourself and Your Business in 5 Years

No exit strategy for now. We have a lot of plans to become the best user feedback tool out there. There’s still a lot of growth potential since we need to expand our marketing and sales efforts.

What Do You Wish You’d Known Before You Started?

The importance of a user-friendly dashboard. I mean, our tool was a big hit from day 1. But to actually work with the data, you have to have a great dashboard that teams can work with. We struggled a lot with that and it took some time before we build something that was self-served and did the trick for our customers.

Finally, Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself?

My first enterprise was when I was 7 years old and stole frozen chickens from my neighbour’s fridge and sold them from door to door. I share a lot of the progress on building and scaling my SaaS on Twitter and Instagram. Would love to connect!

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