Joe Viwatkurkul, Cofounder of Music Freelancer

Who are you?

My name is Joe Viwatkurkul, I’m co-founder and designer of MusicFreelancer. I live in Los Angeles, California and a massive fan of music, film, art and tech. I want to bring the entire entertainment industry into everyone computer especially to help kids have hope and opportunity with their passion.

Can you tell us the story of your business from idea to where you are now?

MusicFreelancer was started due to the frustration with the entertainment industry. I used to be a touring musician and so was my co-founder Jack, both of us experienced and witness the good and the very bad from the music industry which is heart breaking. So many good artists are left unnoticed and do not know how to connect or find a jobs with their passion.

Students the most are the ones that are suffering. We want to change this for good. We decide to create an all-in-one platform that put the entire entertainment industry into one single site. Currently we just relaunch with version 2.0 in U.S. and starting to push out to Europe and Asia.

What has been your biggest failure or struggle?

The biggest struggle right now is trying to market the product and make people understand that a tool like this exist and ready to help them.

Dealing with major music and film companies is also a challenge on its own for them to work with us.

Our struggle by far is the word “No” from almost everyone we talk to and “Time”, since my co-founder and I is trying to work multiple jobs to keep the site going. All that setback does not matter to us. We hit the road to multiple schools just to promote our product. Pass out brochure and flyers in any concerts or any place involving with music, film and art as much as we can.

Social media marketing and other marketing to help push the product. The point is people does not understand that something like this exist to help and every time we got someone to really listen they are ecstatic and happy that the product exist but we hope more people would do the same. We are not giving up. We will get this product into every musicians and filmmakers even if we have to hustle all day and night.

And what has been your biggest achievement or success?

Our biggest achievement is getting this far on our own. Reaching this far without any one help and not giving up is to me success. Our marketing push is starting to pay off. We also had a booth at NAMM 2017 and got an overwhelm praises and awards from people checking us out which is a big achievement. Early adopters are starting to come in and some major schools are starting to work with us. We are grateful for the early adopters and hope the word of mouth grow even more.

What’s your must read business book?

I just finish reading “Elon Musk Tesla, Spacex, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”. This book is amazing. If you are an entrepreneur and want to know the mindset, struggle and dedication in creating a company is like, then read this. Other book I’m reading is “Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill” which is another fascinating book to change your mindset completely.

Who’s your most inspirational CEO or founder?

People like Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Howard Hughes, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many others are what kept us going. Each person are different but they all share the same common motivation which is Believe, Desire, and Persistence.

And can you tell us something weird or interesting about yourself?

My co-founder and I love to play music on our spare time. I’m also a big movie fan. Especially the classics.

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